Kevin Partridge

Kevin Partridge, PhD Candidate

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Cape Spear 2014

June 2015 Hero(in)es and Heroism in International Relations Workshop at The British International Studies Association Conference, London, UK. Everyday heroics: risk, security and private security workers

June 2014 If Women are Warriors: Russian Portrayals of Female Soldiers on the Gender and Military Heroism: Masculinities, Warriors and Combat panel at The British International Studies Association Conference, Dublin, Ireland

June 2013 Expanding masculine possibilities on the Canadian Masculinities: Research and Practices panel at CSA/Congress of the Humanities, Victoria, BC, Canada
March 2013 Rethinking Masculinities at the Emergent Actors/Discourses: emerging economies & states…societies & masculinities? colloquium, University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA, USA

June 2012 Women warriors in Russian cinema: A comparative case study on The Sociology of Women and War panel at the CSA/Congress of the Humanities, Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, Canada

October 2010  Cultural resistance: The power of punk at the !nstigate Conference – Queen’s University, Kingston, ON .

...a recording of this presentation is available at the conference website on the 'media' page here.

June 2010  A community of cars: Ethnographic research in the 510 Club of BC. Work in Progress ConferenceSimon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC

May 2010  Lowbrow and highbrow: Measuring taste in Canada. Quantitative Social Research SymposiumSimon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC